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Why do you do this?
I have always loved Christmas and Christmas lights and enjoyed lavish light displays. As a child I always wanted to have the brightest house in the town. Hopefully someday I will accomplish that. But, the real reason is to celebrats the birth Christ.

How many lights do you have?
We have somewhere between 60,000-65,000. But they are never all on at once.

How much power does it take? How much is your electric bill?
When everything is on, it consumes about 150 amps. I had to install 14 dedicated circuits to be able to power everything. Only a percentage of the display is on at the same time because it is animated, which helps to conserve power. As for the bill, I do not really notice.

Do you have your own Radio Station? How are you transmitting to my radio?
We use a small FM transmitter(EDM transmitter) that broadcasts on 100.9FM. It only goes a short distance which allows people to listen to the music within sight of our display.

How do you control the lights?
Everything is controlled with software and hardware from Light-O-Rama. Our display for 2006 used 32 different channels and for 2007 it will be 120 channels. This allows us to control almost every element in our display. we also use over a mile of extension cord. I do not have an exact count, but it is well over the mile.

What do the Neighbors Think
My neighbors have been very positive about the light display.
They have thanked us and I think we have really helped get some in the spirit of the season. I am sure at times they get a little frustrated with the increase in traffic though. If you come to visit the display, please don’t block the road.

2 comments on “FAQ
  1. Erin says:

    What time do you do the light shows and on what days? Thanks!

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