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About Mom

This page is dedicated to the person who influenced my life the most. My mother who went home to Jesus in 2004, a victim of cancer. She will always be missed and remembered by those of us who loved her. She never liked getting her picture made, so mom don’t be mad, there were very few to choose form.

My parents came down to visit the 1st Thanksgiving we lit up in our current home. My dad helped put up the decorations while mom kept my wife and her grandson company inside the house. We were not animated in 2003, but had a nice display. If she could only be here to witness it first hand now, I wonder what she would say? Little did we know we would only have less than 3 short months left.

It’s funny how things workout. Mom died in February, my Granda Jo (my mom’s mom), who also played a large role in my life and shared my love of Christmas, died April that same year. One month later we discovered we were having twins. I feel that God did that on purpose.

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